Oh, nostalgia.

Today, I will have an interview with a future employer and hopefully I get hired. Actually I already forgot the job description of the work I applied for. They replied to my email weeks late. Ugh :\ I guess I have to browse through my sulit.com.ph account again to check the description and stuff. All I know is I will be teaching English to Japanese students. I do not know if I will actually teach them, or we’ll just communicate through Skype and nothing else. But if i were to choose, I’d like to be physically there for the student. I think that will work a lot better. Plus, I get to go out of the house and meet new people. That must be fun!

Anyway, after the interview, if it would end early, I might just go to the university and attend my party’s meeting. Academic elections are approaching and slates & strategies should be done immediately. Oh, nostalgia. I miss going to the university, attending classes and mingling with friends. I miss the handshake we do in our political party that only legit members are supposed to know and do. Oh, nostalgia. :”>


Found my old diary and it turns out I was lame then, too (via I’ve become my parents)

I also have the lack-of-follow-through-syndrome and it actually sucks. Like for example, I was trying to create a post earlier until I eventually got bored and just save what I started in the Drafts folder.

Found my old diary and it turns out I was lame then, too I found my old diary–the only one I ever kept–in this box of stuff.  I started it at age 10, the same age you are now, son. I know what you're thinking: wow, that must bring back all kinds of great memories. And I suppose it would if I had written in it for more than 10 days, and if I had written more than 3 sentences on any gi … Read More

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Top 10 TV Dudes I’d Marry (via It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.)

I agree with some parts of the post. It’s just that I’m not from America and I do not know some of the characters mentioned, hitherto. Number 1, FTW! ❤

Top 10 TV Dudes I'd Marry Please note that this list is based on the full package – Looks, personality, humor, intelligence and an X-factor. Each contestant will be judged on a scale of 1 -10 in each of these 5 categories. 10. Jack Shepherd  Show: LOST Portrayed by: Matthew Fox Looks: 7 Personality: 7 Humor: 5 Intelligence: 10 X-Factor: 5  Total score: 34 Definitely not the best guy to be in a relationship with, but it was clear to me that if Jack loved you, he'd do anyth … Read More

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