I used to have frequent absences when I was younger.

I know you did too. 😉

And because of that, my sister <guardian, lol> always wrote my teachers an excuse letter to tell them why I missed their classes. Those excuses were mostly lies and…well, excuses.

Now that I am older and out of school <yes…>, I’m the one writing and signing my younger brother’s excuse letters. Just weird. Writing those things my sister used to write for me. I have to put my grammar into perfection so that his teachers will somehow think he’s from a bright family. Insane, but yeah it’s true. Another is because I was from the same school and I just wanted to light some sparks.

Up to now, I am still confused what do these letters do. Excusing you from the classes you missed is so obvious; what the hell if you are excused or not? I mean, with or without a letter, you’re still marked absent and you still missed your teachers’ lectures and the seat works they might have given. Some might be merciful and will give you


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