She lost it.

I dreamt of something I should not.

My friend K, whom I met during the first semester of college, had a very sad miscarriage, according to another friend of ours. She actually is not aware that I know anything about that matter, but yeah I do.

So in my dream, I saw her in the same stairwell as I; the classes seemed to have ended and we’re both off to somewhere that eventually was the same. We went there together, talking. But I do not recall hearing any words from our mouths; in my memory, there are just our lips moving, as if saying some things. The place looked old, vintage. Apparently, we separated ways once we have gotten there. I went down on my personal business, which I do not remember. After I did whatever I did, I wandered around and saw K inside an isolated, white room. (Note that this room is on the same floor) I saw her crying, and with some blood stains on her arms. She glanced onto something from her left, and so did I. I saw a woman in green clothing, more of like a scrub, wrapping something bloody into another green cloth. Then it just occurred to me that it was her baby.

Then off to the next phase of my dream, I saw K again, with another girl, raging mad. They were wearing something relevant to each other. Those patent leather straps that looked like suspenders but were just all over the place. They were both holding a knife and were threatening to kill someone. They were telling him something that I couldn’t really make out, but it went something like “You were the reason why my baby died!” and “You deserve all this pain!” So from that, I understood that this person they were trying to kill was the reason why K had the miscarriage and lost her baby.

Well of course, all dreams end with a brother waking you up because it’s lunch time and I overslept again.

Bottomline: I do not understand why I had to dream about her and that incident. I mean, aren’t there a lot more people and stories to dream about? Why her and her sad news?


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