Up for LGBT~ ♥

When I was younger, I have always thought of being gay as okay. I thought there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Then the thought of them mating with someone from the same sex as they were somehow had me baffled. I didn’t give it much thought, though. All I can remember is that, in a way, the idea of them kissing the way real couples do disgusted me and I never wanted to see any gay couples kissing in front of me.

Along I encountered people who changed my views. I attended a Catholic school and there were a lot of openly gay girls and some of them became my friends. Nothing actually was wrong with them. Them being lesbians, or girls being attracted to fellow girls, didn’t hinder them from gaining a lot of friends in school. They treated each other, and the rest of our schoolmates, just the same they probably would if they weren’t gay. Nothing weird.

I became very close to a friend, whom I shall name T, and she had a girlfriend who was a year her junior. I hanged out with her during class, and every after class. We were best buddies of some sort. There were times when I had to snuck out and we’d all go to her girlfriend’s house, and there we’d exchange stories and pig out. Her girlfriend, whom I shall call M, was a nice girl and openly gay. It’s just that her mom wasn’t aware ~lol~ while everyone from school was.

Another friend, whom me and my family recognize as an extended family member, is just one of the few who made me realize being gay isn’t any experiment you’d do and then conclude about afterwards. He, R, told me he knew he was gay even before high school. He  was hooked to playing dress-ups and talking as if he wasn’t born male. Fortunately, his adoptive family was able to accept him as who he really was. He flew to the Middle East where he worked as an entertainer and there he met people who were like him. He even met the guy whom we’d rather dub as the love of his life. He was gang raped in the middle of the desert by a bunch of Arabics, and as shocking as it may sound, he actually enjoyed it. Another advantage of being gay, eh? Hurrah for the rhyme and yay for the pun!

Also, in college, I know of a society exclusive for gay men. Now how’s that? 😀 I have met them and one of the Philippines‘ top comedians, Vice Ganda, is actually a product of that society and was even a graduate of AB Political Science. How much of role model is he, really? He’s a great example to parents who actually condemn homosexuality.

I now have the fear of this post ending pointless. whew~~

Anyhow, I’d like to tell you my current opinion about being gay and having equal rights.

I was born Catholic and I know that the Church is not, in any way, going to approve with this matter.

Being gay, basically, is not a choice you make to tell yourself. The best way I could put it is that it’s a decision of the heart. Like one day you will wake up and realize, “Something is totally not right.” And that something is you not playing the role meant for you…you not being who you truly are. To go out of the closet and to put out that cape might give you extra consequences, like the huge possibility of being disgusted, or even condemned. It will certainly take you to some time to absorb everything in until they couldn’t hurt you anymore. But of course, it will also let you have that huge sigh of relief. Emancipation from all the world’s worries and fears is a pretty big deal, you know?

See, what I understand, while somehow a lot doesn’t, is that being gay is not, and will never be a hindrance in becoming who you want to be in life. I actually look up to those who are very much proud of themselves, those who are bold and daring, those who are not afraid to say what they think and what they feel. They know their feelings are at risk but what the hell, you can never really learn from a mistake you never made.

And I guess that is what makes these people strong. Through time, they get to turn their weaknesses into strengths and that is what most people do not see. What they see are people born male with lipstick on, or maybe talking outlandish as if not really male; when in fact, they really are not. These judgmental people only see what they want to see, they do not try to spend even a split-second to comprehend what is it with being gay and how it is not supposed to be hated.

And as far as I’m concerned, no crime on the face of the Earth was ever recorded to be done because of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is not a state of mind. It’s something worth fighting for.


2 thoughts on “Up for LGBT~ ♥

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was reading this!
    Sometimes I can’t find the right words to explain why I believe homosexuality is alright. But you did it! And this just proves how amazing of writer you are.

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