Four days in Bullets.


  • Went to Caloocan for the NBI Clearance.
  • Shitty Government office didn’t announce publicly that their offices will be closed until July 4th.
  • Headed to the mall instead.
  • Starbucks‘ two new treats are very delectable.
  • I love Soy Strawberries and Cream Frappe! Much better than the original S&C Frappe. 🙂
  • Groceries, groceries. Tiring stuff. -.-
  • Home. Rest. Then Promenade @ San Juan!
  • Promenade is my favorite mall. Reallyyyyyyyyy 😀
  • Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon was better than awesome!
  • I bet it’s the best of the trilogy. 🙂
  • I’d love to see part 4 but LeBeouf said no already and if there’s going to be one, who’s the villain?


  • Wensha Spaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • Oh gosh. It has been such a long time since I’ve been there and had a great time.
  • But sadly, their massage is now new.
  • I didn’t enjoy it. All I got was back pains. -.-
  • I hate how you can see through small things how people aren’t so disciplined.
  • If you are going to a spa, please do remember: do not bathe right away into the jacuzzi after steam/sauna bath. Please.
  • Wash away your sweat first, you ignorant jerk! Ugh. -.-


  • Why was I not online yesterday?
  • Hmm.
  • Oh. My friend Mhia had a small party at her place and we were invited.
  • I forgot to charge my wi-fi able phone before going there. So I had to use my sister’s iPhone.
  • What a loser.
  • Anyway her get-together was fun though we had to leave immediately.
  • Miggy was cut but ill-mannered.  Lalalalalalala. 😀


  • Otis for NBI Clearance.
  • Took us a couple of hours because their system was reset and everyone was practically new to it.
  • Have to be back after another week because there people who have the same names as me and my brother.
  • Photos were taken. For the requirements, I mean. Lol.
  • Why do they have to be in dozens?
  • Starbucks, again and again! 🙂
  • Had the Soy S&C Frappe. Yummmmm. 🙂
  • Home.
  • Emails.
  • Didn’t expect those emails.
  • Why did they have to be there?
  • I never wanted those emails in my mailbox again.
  • They make me scream hard.
  • Ugh.

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