Living’s a little complex (via Melbourne Mumma)

True! It’s like reading my own mind. 🙂 I am also having a difficult time trying to figure out what to do for the rest of my life. I will re-enter college soon and I am not sure whether to continue what I have started and stick with my dreams or find something more stable and concrete which is far beyond what I what I really want to do and attain.
As per living simply, I actually wanted the same. Victorian era, yes that’s what I fancy about. But of course if you think about it, it is really complex. No instant! One of the conveniences that I love. Lol.

Living's a little complex I'm a big believer in simple living.  If it were realistic to live without a mobile phone and just rely on the post and a single home phone, like the 1980's model above, I'd be quite happy.  I have an iPhone completely void of any apps and am often asked ''why no apps, why no apps?" but for me, the less buttons, the better (I am scared of apps like 'angry birds'.) In fact ironically, despite being a blogger, I find myself less and less inclined t … Read More

via Melbourne Mumma


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