Reality + Metaphor = Cliché

It has almost been a year since the last time I had my hair cut. It grew as long as t was last October, and somehow I think of that growth as something metaphorical.

Last year, I saw myself as someone with big dreams and was willing to fight for them no matter what it cost her. With issues that mostly involved university politics, academics and friendship, I kept myself at one side, defending what I knew was right. I stood by it and believed it entirely. I was at the second step up towards the pyramid, and I knew it because I believed it. But being a rookie, I always tried to fit into the society I thought was best, as if I never learned.

So there I was, a try-hard misfit, finding my own spot as I went through the huge crowd of liars, virgins, bimbos, nerds, social-climbers and whatnot. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Well at least I tried to. Then I became my own enemy. Wooh, what a cliché. Long story though.

Anyway, after experiencing rough patches the past year, I have witnessed myself grow into a person with a better perspective in life. I apply what the past has taught me as I continue moving forward. I stopped assuming and I faced the person I truly am. Talk about embrace.

Ergo, my long hair signifies the trials I have met in the past twelve months and how much more of a human being I became since then. It’s imperfect straightness can be done by a few strokes of my hairbrush, or in layman’s words: mistakes can be corrected by acting up on them, by learning from them. A mistake made once was a mistake; a mistake made twice was a choice. Therefore, with lessons learned and a future to behold, I shall cut my hair soon as to mean I am ready for another ride! 🙂


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