Day 2: A photo of you and the person you’ve been close with for the longest time.

La Jolie Jacques

Meet the “person I’ve been close with for the longest time.”

She’s my sister and her name is Jacqueline. We’ve been sisters since I was born; she has been my mom since I can remember; she’s been my closest friend since I don’t know when. Okay, okay I am not going to lie. I cannot really say that she’s my closest friend since I know that she isn’t. I kept things from her and there are still some that I’m keeping. Does that matter?

Anyway, moving on. She took care of me like a mother should when I was young. She said our parents were always busy at work and since our eldest isn’t really a home buddy, she was the one responsible for me and our youngest. Everyday after school she fed us, cleaned our bottoms and the mess we made. Aside from taking care of her young siblings, she also had chores to do and assignments to finish. That’s right! She already did a lot at an early age.

Our relationship wan’t always of  rainbows and butterflies. A lot of times before, we fought. I always irritated her and she, being the authority, usually took it out on me. I was an envious, tactless bitch and I used a lot of her things with no permission. One day, she cut my hair with a pinking scissor and I went to school the next day with my hair not 0f the same length anymore.

If I were to describe our relationship right now, I would say it is certainly better than before.

J & J

She don’t put her hands on me anymore; we settle our problems the most democratic way. We tell each other things we can’t just tell anyone else. We get naked with our emotions more often than before. And I can confidently and honestly say that I love her.

Sadly, though, we need to part sooner or later. As I mentioned in some previous posts, I will be migrating soon with our youngest brother, John. We have to live there permanently and take the opportunity given to us to have a good life. But that doesn’t mean I will be forgetting her. She will always remain in my heart just the same and she will always be in my prayers and plans. Oh, plans.

She is my sister and her name’s Jacqueline. She’s the person I’ve been close with for the longest time. It just seems the inevitable.


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