Day 4: Your dream job

Yes for Education!

Hmm.. The dream job thing still pains me. I am still on the crossroads; it is difficult now, and will be heaving tomorrow. But just to continue this challenge, let me tell you the dream job I created in my mind before.

The degree I took was Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. It is the degree for those who aspire to work for the betterment of not just oneself, but of countless people. This degree offers countless opportunities and I chose this because anyhow my plans change, my degree will still feed me everything I need.

Though ABINTERSTU, I wanted to be a diplomat. I wanted to work for the United Nations. I wanted to promote education, health and poverty action. It is perplexing though to think how can my mother country send me there and ask me to do so. See, I should be sent by our government to another international organization to promote diplomatic goals and peaceful relations. Well the Philippines is a member of the United Nations just like Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America. But unlike them, according to my professor in POL1N, our representative(s) just sit at the farthest corner of the hall, clapping at whatever the current speaker says, and technically, has got nothing to say on the discussed matter. So, um, a freelance diplomat, anyone? Loljk.

However, I still want to do it. I know I can if only I will. Right?


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