The Story About Love.

(500) Days of Summer

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Out of my frustration with the crappy video link I was talking about the last time, I bought myself the VCD copy of 500 Days of Summer. Trust me, I had no other choice but the VCD. I got at Astroplus in the Mall of Asia and I bought it for –wait for it– under a hundred bucks! Could you believe that? 🙂 Well it really wasn’t my plan to buy a copy. I just asked a store attendant if they have it on DVD and she said not anymore. So she handed me the VCD of the movie and I contemplated, asked for suggestions, headed to the cashier and paid for it. Anyway, I was tight so it really was a great deal.

I wonder why it was sold cheap? Not that I am not thankful, ’cause I am, but I really find it to be great film to be sold at such low price. Why put the flag down low? Oh well… Doesn’t matter. At least I can see the whole movie now! 😀

Here’s how the packaging looks like.

PS: Sorry for the miscalculated lights!

(500) Days of Summer


Lovely Summer 🙂






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