• Bad mood is very contagious. Especially if it is from someone I am close with. I become so vulnerable everytime the situation is like that, that I actually attract all those negative energy. Ugh. =.=
  • Using bullets for today. No  reasons in particular.
  • I get irritated easily and I am irritated right now.
  • My charger got broken and I can’t charge my phone.
  • It’s been off for two days now.
  • No contacts from friends. Nothing to divert my attention onto.
  • Unwanted email received. If it isn’t worse then tell me what is.
  • Stupid people talking irritates me.
  • Fucking new chat window of Facebook isn’t working well.
  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • What a day.
  • My other phone fell from my bed. I sleep on a double-deck, mind you.
  • Missed FEU vs. DLSU‘s match.
  • FEU did win, so no biggie.
  • No more The Mentalist. Must wait for Season 4.
  • Nothing to add.
  • Missed yesterday’s 30-PDC. :/
  • Sorry. <in all senses>

Oh wait! There is one thing I smiled about today. Hello, Kirk Long! :”>


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