Day 6: Person you’d like to trade places for a day

Hilary Duff

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It was really hard for me think of the person I want to be with for a day. I mean, I enjoy my life despite all things that are trying to make it miserable. I love what I have right now and I think that would suffice for the mean time. Somehow, there are still some people inspiring us, one way or another. So, she’s it.

Hilary Duff.

I wouldn’t want to trade places with her. That’s not a good idea, I think. I would want to spend a day with her, yes. But I don’t want to become anybody else.

I like Hilary Duff. I love Hilary Duff. She’s one of the few Disney Channel stars that never went wrong, lol. But really, she’s imperfectly inspiring. What I love about her the most is how she dealt with her imperfections. She dealt with it her own way, which wasn’t exactly the easy way. She’s got that certain type of class in her, sophistication, that comes out naturally. She may not be the best singer (Lindsay Lohan actually sings better, no offense,) but she’s the best role model Disney ever produced.

I can’t write more kind words about her because I will seem more obsessed about her more than the paparazzis are.

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