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I am always on Twitter. Whenever I go online, I always have 5 major tabs working. Twitter for easy ranting, Facebook to check up on friends & birthdays, Yahoo for checking mails, Tumblr for some happiness & inspiration, and WordPress for blogging. 🙂

Twitter actually brings me a lot of news, mostly those that I don’t need a.k.a. gossip.  But it is entertaining most of the times. Especially the trending topic. You’ll never know what the tweeting community is gonna say. 😀

So tonight, when I opened my Twitter, one of the trending topics is #ihavenotolerance. I went and checked results and I can actually relate to these sentiments. There are really some things that you know but you don’t until another person makes you realize them. Was I even making sense? Anyway, here goes my top 12 tweets!

  1. #ihavenotolerance for ignorant people (MoeFamousX)
  2. #Ihavenotolerance for stupid people (IWanaBeAGangsta)
  3. #ihavenotolerance for fake people (LexxBella)
  4. #ihavenotolerance people that are having a bad day and take their anger out on everyone except the person who got them mad.. (tegosalchichon)
  5. #ihavenotolerance for people who can’t see their own faults but can point out others’ (DisDisOreoHere)
  6. #ihavenotolerance for ppl that stay depressed and always making things worst then it really is. and never takes advice. (THIN_box_KING)
  7. #ihavenotolerance for Breaking Dawn having the same release date as DH1 and having Breaking Dawn in two parts. Idiotic rip-offs (Luna_Nargles15)
  8. #ihavenotolerance  for people that disrespects other cultures (MALSULAITI)
  9. #ihavenotolerance to pettyness. people that make pathetic comments to either attention-seek or cause drama over nothing. (BenChanning)
  10. #ihavenotolerance when people make horrible noises while they’re eating (AnaaLight)
  11. #ihavenotolerance for people who must boast about everything they do… WHO CARES!!! (NicoleWolfrey)
  12. #ihavenotolerance for liars. Big lie, small lie. Lies are lies! (heyyojessica)

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