Is my several week absence forgivable?

I don’t think it is.

Thanks to Facebook, my Sims addiction came alive again and even if it sort of irritated me because of their several crash-downs, I patiently waited ’til the game was A-OK. How’s that?

Awful. I guess.

So lately, I don’t know why but Internet turns out to be boring for me as each day progresses. I turned my attention onto reading and well… I decided to read again my favorite novel by Adriana Trigiani but failed finishing it. Two days ago <or maybe it was three?> I rummaged through our book shelves and decided to re-read these short novels recommended by Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Book Club. I finished two already and I just started to read my third this morning. It’s been kind of fun because I read those back in 6th Grade <note all those supposed to be censored part for minors> and I just found a whole new sense to those stories. Of course my vocabulary has upscaled a lot since then and my perspective of things differed now. Back then I thought those stories were just fun and cool now I see them as pieces of art. Well that could be slightly dramatic but hey, it isn’t easy to write great stories that end up being recommended by one of the top-selling magazines in the country!

Moving on, I have also been thinking these past few days of going back to writing. Maybe try and visit the Poetry Cafe again since I have some new stuff that under tow. I didn’t push through maybe because of laziness of because i just didn’t know what to say exactly. But now I do! Yay!

Now it’s past 5:30 PM and my brother is watching MTV Asia once again, because his favorite porcelain-legged Korean Pop singers are dancing. Seriously, a boner from those cheap girls is very lame. Pffft. But he seems to be very engaged, really. He’s obsessed to this uber-cool genre that he’s watching TV shows and movies that are Korean! This is getting worse by the minute, I’m tellin’ ya.

Um, what now? I opened WordPress at precisely at 5:30 PM and I thought I will be spending the rest of the half hour typing about my re-found love for reading but no, I’m just 2 steps short from 10 minutes! Woah. I’m getting better at blogging! <naaaaaah,


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