Late Nights & Early Mornings. #1

It’s funny when you realize that you have spent the last 6 months of your life being a slacker — something you’d never thought you’d ever be.

I spent most of my past 6 months like an owl with many late nights and early mornings.I failed at my online job hunt fiasco and gave up on it eventually. My mind almost went stale and it is already causing light to moderate glitches to my speech, comprehension and poise. And most especially, I gained a lot of weight that the sight of a weighing scale scares me as much as the thought of how my weight up scaled pains me.

My mind spent a lot of time figuring out what was happening to me and my life as I kept on bumming at home. I tried to milk some goodness from a lot of circumstances yet ended up with nothing but swollen eyes and balled up pieces of tissue paper.

Right now I recall the night I was doing my Psychology homework, a timeline of my daily life. I remember complaining about how routinary it was and how it seemed so dull, ugly and ordinary. Then it hit me — if my life was ugly then, what is it now? Something like a computer literate corpse? Dead and hideous yet functioning?

This is bothering me to death — all these questions in my mind that I end up answering right after asking it, or even before I get to finish my question. Well, it always did bother me. How I wished this gift of Wisdom be gone for just a minute or two just so I could bitch about things without ruining it for myself.

Oh well. Just another rant.


2 thoughts on “Late Nights & Early Mornings. #1

  1. ahmm… tigil ka muna… empty your mind… tas isipin kung ano ba talaga gusto mo mangyari sa buhay mo, gusto mo maging, gusto makamit…. then magplano ka… ask God for help and Smile….

    keep it up… lalo na sa pagsusulat mo…
    ajah! cge

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