I don’t know what to put here.

Two days ago me and my brother started our medical screening and examination. It was half good and half not. First, the guards did not allow more than one companion to minor applicants, so my brother-in-law and our cousin were left outside St. Luke‘s Extension Clinic. There was no cafeteria or food stalls to buy food inside so everyone sat there waiting for their numbers or names to be called. I thought we were so early because we left by 6am and got there in less than half an hour but me and brother still got the numbers 91 and 92; we waited for about two hours inside just for our numbers to be called.

After the first step of the screening we headed to the blood extraction area where I got a large bruise in the middle of my arm. After some hours, the spot where the nurse inserted the needle (and some more centimeters around it) turned black and blue. It didn’t hurt but the color got me worried. I never had something like that before.

I don’t remember everything we did but I think after that we headed to get urine samples, did the physical exams, the stripped-naked exam (I don’t know what it’s called) which I did twice because of something too delicate to tell, and submitted the reports to the check-out counter then headed to the mall. Oh that Japanese restaurant (Toast Box) was so tempting! But the food there was way expensive too so we didn’t mind going in, haha!

Anyway, the next day we came back thirty minutes earlier than the appointed schedule. I thought everything’s going to be as smooth as the previous day but it wasn’t. I remember being reminded by the nurse on our first day there that if the result of all the exam we had was normal, we will proceed to the immunization area immediately. My brother did and I didn’t. My sister and I waited there for four hours that it pissed both of us and had a little misunderstanding. The nurses said that my papers just got finished by 10:30am and it still needed to be signed by doctors so we just had to wait. And so we did. After we ate, it took more than thirty minutes (that was 3pm) before I got called and the voilà! I got vaccinated 6 times consecutively. :/ How nice. And yeap, we still waited for more or less two hours to get the results of everything as well as the corrected ones because they had an error, my passport number.

So yeah, today after all of the hypes of the previous two days, I am sick. It is probably because of all the shots I got yesterday. My right forearm hurts like crazy I can’t even do the most basic of reaching and twisting! I also feel like I’ll be having a flu so my sister told me I should take a paracetamol now but I didn’t because I miss the feeling of being sick. Hahahaha! It’s crazy though. I have to wear a light rayon cardigan and sweat like it’s going to be my last time on Earth.

Another thing, I have a stalker.


No, I am not lying. His stalking isn’t severe but he is indeed flooding my inbox. I cannot change my number because i have to tell my family why first, and they would freak out if I did. Ughhh. :/

And yes, I like this song. It takes my boredom away and i don’t know why! It is obvious that Toni has been trying so hard here and the quality of this video sucks but there is really something about this. Screw punctuation.


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