After The Storm

Another typhoon had once again hit the greater area of Luzon and affected hundreds of citizens. Infrastructures were torn down, as well as electricity posts which caused hours of darkness during the hype of the calamity. The weather was very inclement that schools, colleges and universities had to cancel classes. The severe downpour of rain water caused rivers, dams and bays to actually overflow and affect the people living near the said areas.

Manila Bay during the typhoon

But despite the severity of the weather, God still kept my family close and safe. And we are indeed very grateful. After 15 hours of no electricity, we kept ourselves busy and warm inside with loud music, flashlights, colored and scented candles, and yes, comfy pillows.

But of course, yesterday was not a time for a whole day slumber party. Not everyone was as safe as we were. Not everyone lived in a place were puddles existed instead of floods. I know I should be happy that we were all safe after what happened yesterday but still, my heart goes out to those who were affected badly; to those who lost their homes, their businesses, and even their loved ones. Even if I do not personally know you, I want to let you all know that God will forever be by your side no matter how much the storm intensifies  until it wears down.

For a true believer, there’s a light that never goes out. 🙂

PS. Prepare for the next typhoon. Expected landfall is on Friday. Keep safe everyone. God is within us 🙂


2 thoughts on “After The Storm

  1. Pedring was unforgiving. I was one of those stranded yesterday because of the flood in the Metro. Streets were almost impassable. There was scarcity of PUVs. My officemate and I were soaking wet, but we did not lose hope. I thank God that He guides us and keeps us safe. 🙂

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