My Lazy Life Playlist

Being an out of school lady that I am, it sucks to wake up everyday and do the same freaking things daily. There’s just no life at all…almost. I can’t go out as  much as I want to because I have no more allowance. I can’t afford the latest fashion trends and I cannot even save for it because, again, there’s no allowance!

So that is why I decided to share to you, imaginary readers, some of my 700+ Walkman music. 🙂

20/20 – Pupil

Pupil is a local band here in the Philippines and they are ultimately cool! This song just has a great meaning: simple and no fuss kind of love song. I also love the way it was written, very poetic. ‘I wish that I could see the world through your eyes.‘ If that song was ever sung to me by anyone, I wouldn’t be able to hide my happiness! 🙂

Answer The Phone – Sugar Ray

This song’s guitar and drum beats and feel just picks up my mood from the ground. Starts with the simple head-bobbing then comes the mouthing of lyrics and the total rockstar-like singing that nobody would ever like to see me doing, no doubt.

Coming Around Again – Simon Webbe

This is my official good-vibes song! It’s so official, it has got to have its own title coming from me! I love it and it is so massive for me that I just have to play this before I get up from bed. The meaning is just downright inspiring and simple. ‘And all your winter sorrows/Hang ’em out and dry/Throw it away/Gotta throw it away/All the colorful days my friend/Are coming around again.’ Another reason would be was I have always been in love with the boys of Blue, the British boy band, that he was, and is (check the comeback), a part of. I had the biggest crush on Simon when I was younger and I just think that Blue will never ever be Blue without him. He’s just so talented. 🙂

DashboardModest Mouse

Oh this one! I found out about this song by Modest Mouse through Glee’s Dianna Agron‘s Tumblr Blog ( where she posted (I am not sure if she still does) playlists. And this is not the only song I liked from her playlists! There were a lot of artists I loved and appreciated because of her. 🙂 Anyway, this song is just so weird, I have got to love it! ‘The dashboard melted/But we still have the radio.’

Fingerprints – Katy Perry

Kitty Katy! I have always loved Katy Perry but I think her music was way more better during her One Of The Boys hype because it’s more real, if you know what I’m saying. This song is also inspiring, plus the music just makes me wanna dance! Her lyric-writing ability was at its best when she wrote this song. Plus, her religious background kind of shows here too. ‘Don’t give up/But don’t give in/Build you house on the rock/Oh not in the sand/In the sand/In the sand.’ Some parts of the lyrics are downright cool and honest, something you’d like to tell someone in the face! /Oh, I’m worth more than a X/More than a toe-tagged generation/Full of regrets.’

Frankly, Mr. Shankly – The Smiths

I just have to be a fan of these guys. After 500 Days of Summer, I looked up for more of their music and found this and became an ultimate part of my playlist. I am not really a fan of the new wave era but there is something with their music that gets me. Morrisey’s vocals are just soothing, it relaxes me all throughout. And how could be a song without a chprus or hook be so catchy? ‘Oh I didn’t realize you wrote poetry/I didn’t realize you wrote such pretty awful poetry/Mr. Shankly.’

Mr. Medicine – Eliza Doolittle

‘First drop and you get up/There’s a pile of dirty laundry/I know you’ll clean it up/You’re the man to do it for me’ This is an example of amazing Brit-music. Eliza just made me a certified Brit-music fan through her music. 🙂 And they say she wrote this when she was 12; how more talented could she ever be? This takes my boredom away and carries me off to daydream land. 🙂


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