TKP: 포미닛 (4minute)

Here’s the first of my project (LOL at myself) and my first victim is 4minute (포미닛) of Cube Entertainment.

4 Minutes Left: First Full Length Album

Start of Review: 09-28-11
End of Review: 09-30-11

First Impression:

  • Just another K-pop Girl Group with only one thing that separates them from the rest: sexiness.
  • Their member Gyoona‘s high-pitched voice is irritating.
  • Hyuna, whom I think is their most popular member, looks bitchy.
  • Their use of the English language is a massacre. It’s senseless & their pronunciation must be worked on.
  • They look like they don’t know what they’re doing exactly. Like the English phrases of their song kind of hinders them from understanding everything entirely.

4minute Members

  • They’re constantly compared to 2NE1 because of the strong female image they both exude. But 4minute’s sexy twist draws the line.
  • They don’t easily fade in the background (compared to other girl groups that ain’t 2ne1, let’s be honest) because their voices are actually good. No wonder a lot of people really liked them.
  • Their music is actually the best of both worlds in the K-pop music industry. They have the right combination of girly dance music that is fun and the RnB-fuse flavoured music that sets the right beat.
  • I couldn’t stop playing their songs the past couple of days! I have overlooked these girls way too much!
  • I am not taking back, anyhow, my comment on their use of the English language. Insensible and terrible pronunciation. When I was listening to one of their hits, I My Me Mine, they were singing something that sounded like “…li-li-li-li-listen, click click click click!” and when I looked up for the romanized and English lyrics of that song (and the others too, of course) it actually said “…re-re-re-re-reset, click click click!” and I couldn’t help myself but find that very funny! 😀
  • As for Gyoona, I appreciate her voice now though sometimes it’s still making me cringe; not really the typical high-note reacher. And Hyuna? Oh sexy! I just love her legs now, hahaha!
Verdict: 4 stars! ♥

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