Late Nights & Early Mornings. #2

October 1, I posted my last blog entry called Today Was A Fairytale, after I attended the first ever CosPlay event of my life, CosMania at the SMX Center. It was very fun, yes. But there is really not much story to tell again, to go back over, since I just wanted to mention it. Anyway, I have not posted anything here since then.

So I registered another blog under my account, called Taire Et De Lire, which means Shut Up & Read in English. There, I write all about my NaNoWriMo preparations, and the data that I am trying to gather for my piece. As of now, I have posted there four times already, one of them a dry run of Write Or Die, and the last a random quote for writers. I find it easy and hard, all at the same time, writing a story. Sometimes inspiration strikes me in the middle of night, or right before I go to bed and it is a bit irritating, since I have to either write the idea(s) on a paper, or type them all in my smartphone, whichever is more accessible. But there are times wherein ideas just pour over me like waterfall and I just type almost endlessly. Anyhow, I cannot turn off my inner editor; I keep on editing and editing my work whenever I go over what I have already written. It’s bad because it eats my time and I lose my thread.

late night writing buddy = BigMac!!

So…yeah. Lately I have been trying to gather ideas and suggestions from friends and Wrimo writing buddies on how can I better my work, and it has been a great idea! They give me ideas that I know I should’ve thought of but I didn’t, so thank God they did and told me! Hahaha 😀
And just the other night, I pored over Google, checking out free novel-creating softwares that might be able to help me with my work. I just need something that might help me deepen my characterization and research and help me with proper sequencing. There seems to be a lot of credible softwares but the best are always meant to be bought, so I will stick with the simple and free ones. But do you have suggestions? I’m cool with that! 😀

Check My NaNoWriMo account here  if you’re interested for a very short synopsis of my manuscript! Which I shall put on my other blog soon…

I guess that is it. Another update shall be posted soon enough, as well as another idea to spice up my blog. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Late Nights & Early Mornings. #2

    • Hello there! 🙂
      Thank you so much! Yes I am on Twitter. It’s @yesjessfuentes, the link is on my site. 🙂
      Are you doing NaNo as well? I am already busy plotting my piece for November 🙂


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