I don’t know what to put here. #2


So yesterday I was at my dentist’s clinic and it was a terrible, terrible experience. She was supposed to pull out my molars because they’re not healthy anymore if I’m going to have the lower set of my teeth fix-bridged. It was supposed to be a no-fuss (almost, well I hate anesthesia injections in the mouth) operation but it did become such because my gums were very swollen.

The following content would not be very suitable for some of you. It would be alright if you will not continue reading this entry.

For my dentist to be able to pull out the said teeth, she had to inject my gums ten shots (YES! TEN SHOTS!!!) of anesthesia. My jaw became very numb and thick, it was ugly. And despite those ten shots of anesthesia, I could still feel the pain caused by the pus inside the gums. Dr. Irish told me the pus was caused by the food I eat, specifically those fishy (malansa) ones like eggs, chicken, seafood. So… It really took them a while to finally pull out those teeth. It was my first time to ever spit blood with a tooth and a very vivid color. Gross.

Moving on from that one hell of a topic…

Today was very tiring! We went to the National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus here in Manila for the weekly novena my sister & her husband does to pray. They have been praying for a baby for a long time already and I felt how much they wanted one. But I know God will never fail them. 🙂
After that we headed to Green Hills Shopping Center but all stalls there were scheduled for reshuffling (if you’re from here, you’d understand) so after we visited their chapel (which we always do) we went to Robinson’s Galleria instead. We roamed a bit together but split in half (Sister + Hubby and Me + Mhia) later on for dinner. Today was also their pre-anniversary date, that’s why. The Podium, another mall, was nearby so we went there and window-shopped since it’s almost Christmas, YAY!!!! We also went to SM Megamall, but we passed through St. Francis Square on our way there. The picture above where  I was holding a venti cup of Caramel Macchiato, my favorite hot drink, was bought at Starbucks Megamall A Branch. YUMMY! 😀

Anyway… I realized I should start my research again for my *up & coming* novel.
Good night, lovely reader. 🙂 :-*


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