4-Point Rant

I believe this but I also believe that is not how it’s supposed to be. The mere act of saying sorry is fine and swift and we could all attest to that. So how did it become hard? In my opinion, saying sorry becomes hard when the mistake you did was way too heavy and serious that it’s either you get so ashamed about it that you rather not talk, or your pride just got the better of you.
Last Wednesday,  it happened to me. I did something wrong that wasn’t too big of a deal, but what made it seem like I killed someone was I didn’t say sorry. And to be honest, it was my pride that ate me whole. I knew I was wrong but half of my mind said it was such a petty thing for my sister to be mad about. The other half said I should make it up to her and then tell her I’m sorry. Oh man, too bad I chickened out.

I’m not that religious but I still try to do my responsibilities as a Catholic. But I just cannot take the Bible and embed my whole life in it. Just like what my sister told me, humans wrote it, not God himself. And yes, she’s right. The Bible is a compilation of accounts of various people who witnessed what happened way back then. Most of them, if not all, were the disciples of the Lord , but even so, they were still ordinary people with ordinary eyes that might have seen extraordinary things. Let’s not forget that different people/witnesses = different interpretation. Heck, the bible has been existing for so many years, who knows how much of its content had been altered? I believe the Bible is meant to inspire us to take the road God wants us to, and not to totally live for all the things it says. So yeah, this isn’t about the Bible. My point is, your faith in God should not depend on your faith in the Church. Why? Let me give you five:

  1.  With or without the Church, God will remain forever and always. (whichever’s longer)
  2. The Church is a freaking structure.
  3. Not everyone who comprises it is good. There are priests, (specifically, I don’t know about nuns) and other “Church-people” who kill, commit adultery, do money laundering and God knows what else. Yes they’re mere human like us and they’re no exemption to sins but hey, they’ve got their vows right?
  4. In countries like the Philippines, the Church could sometimes be all-mouths. You know, they say “no” to most projects or bills being debated in the Senate and yet they don’t do anything to help those people who are supposed to be benefiting from the projects/bills.
  5. How can you ever entirely trust an entity that did hundreds, if not thousands, of unforgivable things just to take control of the Seat of Power? They used to believe they could buy their way to heaven, for goodness sake!
  • I miss going to Tumblr but…
I miss going to Tumblr but I just can’t get back to it because it doesn’t make me productive as much as I want to. There’s always something that will distract you. Plus, Tumblr could sometimes be like Facebook made worse. I just hate all the drama there. I know Tumblr is supposed to be a blogging site, where you cant vent your feelings all you want, but can’t you just please keep that shit to yourself and stop bothering us? Another is the Reblog Spree. There’s just too many fancy things circulating around your Dashboard and it sucks because your blog will be full of freaking reblogs and not actualy wordy blogs! UGH. It sucks even more because all you can do is reblog the things you can never visit, food you can never eat, things you can never have, and men you can never kiss. Reminds you of what an ugly, poor thing you are. Third thing that makes me not to go back is the followers. Before I left Tumblr, I had like 300+ of them, but the last time I checked, the number has declined to just 290+. I guess it’s the rule of most Tumblr users. If you don’t update your blog in a week or two, you’re off the list, NOT UNLESS you’re a Tumblr Crush then you’re exempted and you’re very much welcome to go in hiatus and still gain followers. What a life! Sometimes, these people following your blog could be Ghost-like because you know they’re there and they only make contact with you unless they willed to.

It’s the 21st already and there are only 11 days left until NaNoWriMo 2011 starts and I am already getting the jitters! I am not completely ready yet because I still need to gather a lot of information and ideas, think of a proper ending, an attention-getter title and a book cover! This is definitely going to be hard and my hopes are slowly going down. Like from the start I believed i myself that I could definitely do it, but now I’m like “50,000 words are just too many!” Also, I am going to be a bridesmaid next month in my cousin’s wedding! Can’t you just imagine how much words are at stake because I have to spend a couple of days preparing for her big day? Man… But whatever happens, I’m going to do NaNo and I’m going to finish my novel just as planned! \m/

2 thoughts on “4-Point Rant

  1. Hey Jess, don’t worry too much about NaNo, it’ll all come good and you might get some inspiration from your cousins wedding! If it makes you feel any better, the first two weeks of NaNo my brother is flying out to Vietnam to spend his holiday with me….I’m not sure if I’ll get any writing done for the first two weeks…. !

  2. Thanks for the concern, dear. Yes I hope I can get even a little spark of inspiration from her wedding. That would be lovely 🙂
    Wow Vietnam! I heard that country’s beautiful. Well even if you won’t be able to finish a lot in the first two weeks, I hope you’d get much inspiration from the trip to help you with the remaining weeks. 😀

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