I always get the weirdest of dreams. My dreams are always so weird, I feel like they have no interpretation at all.
And they feel so real! It was like watching a movie with me as the lead actor. I don’t see every single stuff yet it’s all in my mind; like even if I haven’t seen each scene I know them already. *I wish I am making sense over here.* There are even times when I feel like my mind is working… *Okay, I am not making any sense now*

I dreamed that my friend (I cannot remember when was this) was a time traveler. I guess it’s because of that show she told me about… Dr. Who. So yeah, she was a time traveler right? When I woke up I read the note she left me. It said something like this: “Take care of my work while I’m gone. I’m off to the Future.” So in my dream she was some sort of a clothing designer. There were several clothing pieces on her bed and I was supposed to make an inventory of all of those. And then in her room there were local celebrities dancing inside! Yes, in my dream we were living together. I was some sort of an apprentice of hers. And our house was the warehouse type because it was spacious and every wall’s in colour gray. Then *poof*! My sister woke me up to eat lunch.

Then this morning I dreamed of myself with some girls from my elementary school. The place looked like it was a retreat house. Girls and guys were separated from each other, except during meal time & activity time. The activities seemed like some sort of a Dating Game. And…the next day I wore a white dress…and a neon green bra underneath. My old friends from elementary school told me I should do something about it because my bra was very obvious. I was about to go to my room and get myself an undershirt when….I woke up. Darn.

Okay so I had an afternoon nap today and my dream went like this:

I was freaking pregnant!!! I was all so worried how to tell my family because they didn’t know and so did the guy. I was worried about my future, about the migration, about everything! In my dream I lived in a different house, with new family members. I had this evil-new-sister and she’s pregnant too. She’s like, determined to tell everyone about my secret. Damn. That would be the end of me!!! Thank goodness it was just a dream. ~.~


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