Annoying S–t.

Hey all! My friend Samanca and I decided to create a Tumblr-blog together and that’s what I’ve been busy about the last two days. It’s basically a blog where we all share stories and pictures of the things that annoy us.

Since the blog has been up for just three days, we’re still collecting submissions and followers. Sam and I have already posted a handful of word arts over there so there are some stuffs to pore over when you visit. 🙂 To be honest, she uses Photoshop and I don’t, so you could easily tell which are the ones she made and which are the ones that I made. Mine are the ones with a little less quality when it comes to resolution since I just use an online software (cheater, I know! haha) called It’s nice and convenient to use since I don’t need no freaking tutorial on how to create a simple word art.

Here goes a sample 😀

If I may be so bold, I would like to invite you to come visit us at and if you find our blog interesting, go give us a message and a follow! 😀

Thank you!


The Liebster Blog Award

Hi guys! My blog just got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by one of the awesome bloggers that I follow, Tony of I know I mentioned his blog here before so you might be familiar with him already. And by the way, you guys don’t have to worry, because this award-thingy is totally not related to Justin Bieber so you don’t have to expect any nonsense. Capice?

So when Tony notified me about this, I was very pleased and flattered because it’s my first time that my blog got recognized, considering that most of the stuff that I post here don’t make sense. I was so happy that all I managed to tell Tony was “thank you”. How bright.

Anyway, I tried to Google this award’s origin but all that I got was the meaning of Liebster and the things you should do in exchange of accepting your award. So here goes:

Liebster is a German word that means dearest and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers so that their blog will have more traffic. It’s more like helping other bloggers out, which for me, makes it extra special. 😀

So if you receive the award, you should:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Link that person back.

2. Nominate five other bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Counter-nominating is not allowed.

4. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

So who shall I nominate? I am a subscriber of I-don’t-know-how-many bloggers and I read all of their posts every time I check my email, it’s just that I always, always forget to post comments. And I have a little problem…I really don’t know how many subscribers these bloggers already have. So I might break one of the rules without really knowing I’m breaking them. Anyway here my top picks, in no particular order:

The Shyness Project by Brittany Wood. Brittany is actually my first email subscriber and one of the first persons I met here on WordPress. She is nice and beautiful and she talks about a lot of sensible things. She’s currently juggling a lot of things right now and I seriously don’t know how she does it. She’s a college rookie, she has a blog to maintain and a handful of personal goals to fulfill. If you picture yourself as the party’s wallflower, you definitely should follow this nice girl’s blog and get a tip or two from her because she is facing the same thing, her “crippling” shyness, and I believe she’s definitely coming through. 🙂

U N I E A : REBELUTION. Okay so this is a blog run by three ladies, one of them a *cough* Filipino! *insert expression synonymous to yay here* Her name is Anna Tan and she vlogs. Err, no. I did not misspell “blogs”. Vlog = video blogging. She describes herself as a “Filipino comic and loud-mouth” and as far as I can tell, yeah she is hella funny and she definitely loves to talk about a lot of things. And I mean talk. She talks not just about personal stuff, she also do beauty vlogs and song/rap covers. Oh, and there’s more: her channel was awarded 7th most subscribed (All Time) in the Philippines! I know, I know, I talked about her too much already that I almost forgot about the other two moderators. They’re Rel and MissP. I am not sure if I already read posts written by Rel, but MissP just got started contributing there some days ago.

Life At No Fixed Abode by Yasmine. This lady right here is definitely one of the coolest I have ever met here on WordPress. Why? Because she is English. And I am shallow like that. Naaaaaah, hahaha! 😀 She travels a lot and she has been everywhere. She has visited 16 places in Europe, excluding of course her hometown, 11 places in Asia, and 7 places in Africa to tell you a little. And you know what, she actually quit her job in London just to pursue her passion for travelling! I am damn jealous. I think she’s currently in Vietnam right now, and she has just finished a two-week holiday there with her brother, whom she was not able to see for months, and his girlfriend. If you love to travel, or is planning to go visit some of the places she’s been, subscribe to her blog and pick up tips on travelling.

Black Swan Poetry. I found out about this blog when I joined the Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe. It’s definitely one of the top-rated blogs over there, and by that I mean it usually gets awarded. I am just not sure if he accepts the award every time he wins. I love this blog because it’s honest to the bones. Its poetry is based on  the human condition, so it’s mostly a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of stuff. Most of the poems I have read from this blog is sad and just dark, but I enjoy it anyway since I write tragic poems as well. (I might start posting my poems again, hmmm) Oh yeah, one proof this poet is amazing: Inspiration Speaks Vol. 1 E-Book. Click it and get the e-book for only $6.99 to support art and poetry!

December Dawn by Samanca Falsis. Last but not the least, the Tumblr blog of my awesome friend, Samanca. Her blog doesn’t really tell how much of a rocket-writer she is, but she is a rocket-writer. To be honest, I have never met a writer as good as she is. I am not going to say that her works are flawless but she’s so good to be missed out. I talk to her almost everyday and she’s the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Supernatural and Doctor Who. She’s the one who got me reading fan fictions. She’s the one who keeps on cheering me on whenever I have to deal with my difficulties in writing. I am not nominating her blog not just because she writes wonderfully, but because she is an awesome person. She deserves some recognition. You want to read some of her works? I honestly don’t have a link of any of her works but I have some .rtf files here that I might give you if you ask me to! 😀

And now we’re done! Phew!~ it took me a while to finish this post, man! So there. Have an awesome day, you guys!

Supernatural – Destiel – Fanfic

Um, not interested? Feel free to ignore this one.

Interested? Click on these links my friend Sam aka December Dawn gave me.
I told her once that I was so tempted to read Destiel fanfics so she was like “go on and read some!!!” At first what I requested for were stories without anything x-rated but she was like “finding a fan fiction without anything x-rated is like looking for the damned holy grail!” So there. I had no choice but to go on with it. 😀

Anyway I’m almost through reading it. And it is goooooood.

Here they are:

That’s just one story, by the way. Part 1 to 3 respectively. 🙂

So if you are a bit interested yet you are unsure what the story is about, it basically revolves around two of the CW primetime show Supernatural‘s main stay characters, Dean Winchester and Castiel. The story tells us about the mirror that’s made of…well, something supernatural, that is able to transport a human being from one world to another, and that’s what happened to Dean when he touched its frame. And as he traveled the universe (?) he realized there was something it’s trying to tell him. And there goes the meaning of slash (meaning can be found here).

Okay, I know I have a handful of conservative subscribers but… the story was just very well written. And Destiel makes me want to be in love. :”>

Breaking Dawn Part 1


Because of too much boredom, my family and I decided to go out, watch a movie and have some bonding together. And as you all know, it’s The Twilight Saga season so most movie houses only have one movie to show: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

But before I give you my two cents regarding the flick, well actually five since I have a lot to tell so prepare yourselves, let me just tell you that none of us, except my youngest brother, was a fan of the series. Call me whatever but I was one of those people who got irritated over The Twilight Saga for being that popular, considering that it has a sparkling vampire, an expressionless girl, and a too sexy werewolf for lead characters. I was one of those who never really got interested about the series no matter how much the fans raved about them. All the information that the rough plots fed me lead to one groundless assumption – the Twilight series‘ main idea is how important it is for Bella Swan to have a boyfriend. And for my big, round head, it sucked bigtime and it made me some sort of a hater. I couldn’t even comprehend why on earth Stephanie Meyer decided to make her vampires sparkly. It was the gayest thing ever to happen to vampire history. And I bet, if Count Dracula knew about it, he’d be ashamed of his entire being. Everyime I think about it, I’d be like, Come on Edward! Save the glitters for the fairies! And to top it all off, I’m a Harry Potter fan, so you know how the “Tumblr Meme War” went.

Anyway, to prepare myself for the movie, I put all my criticisms padlocked in one of the rooms in my head. I knew it would ruin the experience so I decided to come the cinema fresh and clean: not a hater nor a fanatic.

So…to the movie review:

Let’s start off with what you guys want to know, okay?

The Wedding – it was adorable. Every women wore pretty dresses and most men looked like debonaires with their tuxedos. Bella walked down the aisle with her father and she was very nervous that she actually looked like she was having diarrhea and that she needed a restroom break quickly. The kiss-the-bride scene was…thrice longer than the usual kisses in real life weddings, as well as those in movies or TV shows, so yeah, it was weird. There was actually this one whole turn of the camera wherein all you could see was them kissing, sans all the guests from the crowd. But as a reader, I assume it meant something like their eternal love for each other because they kissed like no one was there, as if it was already the end of their fight, and that their love for each other would remain even if everything else in the world would perish. (too much interpretation, eh? Lol)

The Fashion (Wedding) – you might have heard or read this somewhere but yeah, Kristen used two wedding dresses for the movie. One for her dream, and second for the actual wedding. In her dream, she wore a tube, white gown, and even though it was not entirely shown, I still like to think that it looked better than the second one. Her shoes was white, it must be 4 inches high, and it had some bling (it’s the same one she used for the real wedding). Her hair was tied partially, meaning the latter half of it was still loose, perhaps covering her back. She was walking alone and there were red rose petals falling on the ground as she walked. Everyone, including Edward, was clad in white and ivory formal clothes. It was the most beautiful wedding scenario I have ever seen…it was perfect. Sadly, it was just her dream.

Google's best

So for the real wedding, she wore a long sleeved gown with a long trail. Her back was exposed a little since it was designed fashionably with lace and her hair was tied in a messy bun. There was no dress code so compared to the previous, the guests collectively looked unorganized and not so pretty.

Add-on: Jacob and Bella had a moment during the reception and I didn’t really like it. For me it was a bit too much. You should see it and tell me what you think.

The Honeymoon – just like Bella, I also thought they’d spend their honeymoon at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Well they still stayed in Brazil, but in another island across Rio. The house was unbelievably posh yet I couldn’t imagine myself staying there for more than a week. It seemed boring. So you may ask, how was their first night? It didn’t contain much action. So yeah, I don’t think it’s something parents should be worried about. But you know what? I was a bit flabbergasted when Bella asked for it. I mean…she was the girl, right? And that she knew what the hell would happen if she becomes pregnant before turning into a vampire? Damn, now I think whatever happened in the movie was mostly her fault.

The Aftermath – okay, based on the trailer we all saw, we know Bella’s going to get pregnant. And like magic, she did. But you have to watch it to know why and how her body deteriorated because of her pregnancy. So there, as her baby bump grew, her body got worn out. One of my favorite things in this film was the way they made Kristen look from beautiful to ugly. The way it was done was very believable. Her baby bump, her bruises, her skin color. She really looked like a dying person who was in dire need of euthanasia, honestly.

The End – of course it was a cliff hanger! I wanted to shout “boo” at the top of my lungs because I did not want it to end yet. Just when everything’s getting exciting, that’s when they decided to cut the movie. Now we all have to wait for next year. =__=

Visual effects – cool and very artistic, I think. Everything was believable except from the werewolves and the way the vampires ran and jumped.

Musical ScoringBruno Mars sang the movie’s theme song and I like it! I’m big on rhyming words and Bruno’s song lacked rhyming but I like it anyway. Anyway, I actually felt like the songs ate a lot of the movie’s time. I would prefer the dialogues than musical scoring. But I think their soundtrack was interesting though. I might pore over Google later on to give some of those songs a listen.

Realization – based on this part of the movie that I saw, my first assumption (see second paragraph) was proved wrong. Stephanie Meyer wrote about true love, and this love didn’t just revolve around Bella and Edward’s relationship. And it’s because you could also see Jacob’s love for Bella, unconditional yet unrequited. Both guys would go to the ends of the earth for Bella’s love and…somehow you could say that yeah, that’s true love. There’s also this love for the family that the movie showcased, care of the Cullens. I wanted to include there the Blacks but…you have to see the movie why I didn’t. But for the Blacks, sans Jacob, they showcased the love for the greater good as well as for their whole clan. So there, I’m definitely going to wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2. I might even see the first three parts of the movie franchise…

The Verdict – generally, the movie was good. Less actions and less dialogue, actually. But what made it good was the acting. I admired how the actors spoke with their eyes, with their gestures. It’s actually something the actors should pride themselves in since I believe not everyone can pull it off.

However, the story of Breaking Dawn Part 1 pretty much lacked in substance since it revolved mostly around Bella Swan’s pregnancy. Although I think it’s meant to be like that since Meyer never really wrote two books for Breaking Dawn, so they just cut the fourth book of the series into two divisions, something I would like to call The Chase and The Climax. Again, I’m not a Twilight fan so that means I have never read the books and I have no idea what will be their resolution and ending.

It was actually my first time to like Kristen Stewart, you know. I never believed in her acting skills until I saw the movie. Her skin was glowing, her legs were slender and her hair was perfect. Although I feel kinda bad for her that in the movie she was able to talk well but in real life she cannot. I’ve seen some of her interviews and she usually talked without much lip movement, making her words sound slurry and a bit jibberish; and that my friends, is one of my pet peeves since it’s just plain dumb.

Robert Pattinson, hmm… I don’t know what a lot of girls see in you but in their eyes you’re very attractive. And can you please explain why your pale makeup don’t cover the second half of your neck and chest? That’s absurd. A two-toned, sparkling vampire. And that scene where you kept on pumping Bella’s chest inside the Cullens’ manor while Jacob was outside having his moment? You looked hilariously strange, I just can’t help but notice you there!

Taylor Lautner. Tell me, where did you buy those abs? I’d like to buy some for my brothers as Christmas gifts, if you don’t mind. But whatever, it actually upset me that you didn’t get much screentime, though we all know that Breaking Dawn is generally about Bella and Edward’s union & their fight for their love. You did well though. I never expected Jacob Black to become an ally of the vampires for the sake of Bella and her child. But still…you and your abs should have more and more screentime this coming BD Part 2!

Unpopular Opinion Challenge


Snagged from Tumblr:

“To be answered and completed with grace and understanding on both sides of opinions expressed: Let your opinions pour out, but you don’t have to be a dick about do you? And you may severely disagree with someone but are you going to unfollow or bug them about it? That said, answer and read at your discretion.”

1. A selection of television programs you do not care for.

I am not really a TV person but there are still a handful of shows I like/love to watch, although I can let a week pass without seeing their latest episodes. But even though I don’t watch TV  a lot, there are still a handful of shows I just don’t care for anymore. Here are some:

  • Afternoon soap operas our maid love to watch – I mean seriously, why are these shows even existing? They are a total waste of atoms, molecules, earth, wind and fire. Like, hello? They have the dumbest plots and the dumbest lines. EVER.


  • Glee – sorry Puck, my love, but I just have to include it here. Okay so, why Glee? I used to care for this show a lot, like I would even fight with my brother just so I could own the television for at least an hour. And I did enjoy season 1 a lot. But season 2 generally sucked. And season 3? I don’t even give a damn about what’s happening there. Take this for instance: everyone in Glee club are supposed to be a group of talented yet bullied and “different” kids. But what do they do inside Glee club? They create too much drama around each other. One second, they love each other very much, the next second they’re all willing to rip each others’ faces off. I hate it that there is no synchronization in the show, like the writers aren’t really decided about what to do with the life of the characters there. And what about Tina (played by Jenna Ushkowitz) who has been a part of the Glee Club since day one? When did they ever focus on her story? What else? Hmm… The issues they are all trying to make its viewers aware of? I don’t think they’re doing any service to those issues anymore. They just end up preachy. And you know, I could actually create a separate blog post regarding this one!

2. A selection of musical artists you do not care for.

  • I don’t like 50 cent. And any other rappers who only rap/write about their blings, cars, and the numbers of girls with big, fat, fake boobs that they sleep with every night. I believe that’s just total bull.
  • I also don’t like a handful of K-pop groups. A lot of them sing and dance stupidly, as if they were forced by their mothers to do that in exchange of a happy meal afterwards. And please, why do they have to include English phrases/sentences in their songs of they cannot even pronounce the words properly? I know their fans can live with their songs sans the English.

3. A selection of celebrities you couldn’t care less about.

  • Those reality “stars”. What are their names again?

4. A hobby you “don’t get”.

  • Telling people things you are not supposed to tell. Because you know, if your friend told you her secret, it’s supposed to be kept a secret until the both of you dies UNLESS it’s a matter of life and death (i.e. she’s 16 and pregnant, or her doctor found out she was really a he.)

5. A habit you find disgusting.

  • Giving people nicknames because you don’t like them or the things they do. ‘Nuff said.

6. Something in school you really liked doing that everyone else bitched over.

  • I like it when the teachers just ask us to copy the lessons written on the board. I just like (okay, scratch that — I LOVE this thing) writing a lot of things in my notebook. And, isn’t it better than any other activity in the world? 🙂

7. Your favorite household chore.

I love chopping garlic!

  • Do I have any? Hmmm… Oh yeah, there’s one! I like chopping/slicing the ingredients my sister is going to need for cooking. It’s not really a chore since I’m not supposed to do that daily. But I still like doing it 😀

8. Popular video games that make you go “meh”.

Can you guess from what game this picture is from?

  • Those games that include bombing, killing and getting all bloody and dirty. I hate it when I have to kill somebody just to win a freaking game! (well except if I’m supposed to kill zombies or pests)

9. PC or MAC?

hee hee XD

  • PC, I guess. I have never owned a Mac my entire life, but I have used one several times. It was hard to operate at first, unlike PC which is very user-friendly. But Mac seems to be really pretty, you know? So I might go for it once I get a chance.

10. A sport you don’t like for whatever reason.

  • Sumo wrestling? I don’t know. I don’t know a lot about this “sport” but I just don’t like the idea of getting all sweaty, and big and heavy, and holding your opponent on all the weird places just to get him out of the round mattress.

11. A sport you really like for whatever reason.

  • I am not really the sporty kind. So there.

12. Television programs you love but have gotten shit for liking.

Believe me, I never knew they even had a soundtrack!

  • Jersey Shore. Um okay. I know what I said about number 3 but there is always an exemption to the rule right? So yeah, Jersey Shore is ridiculous, disgusting at times, they showcase a lot of very questionable behaviors, with girls trashing themselves for guys and guys being disrespectful to girls but you know what? SO DOES EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS CRAZY SOCIETY AND IT’S NOT NEARLY AS ENTERTAININGLY ABSURD. But these people are really entertaining though sometimes they make me want to punch their faces.

13. Musical artists you love but have gotten shit for liking.

  • Luckily, none! I have a freaking awesome taste in music. 😀

14. A hobby you have/find interesting that other people bug you over/make fun of.

  • Reading. YOU PEOPLE! Reading doesn’t make me a nerd and even if it does, at least it makes me smarter that you, dimwits.

15. A habit you have that other people bug you over.

  • It’s a secret.

16. Something in school you hated doing and it felt like everyone else loved.

  • Physical Education. I hate sports. I hate getting all sweaty and sticky. I hate it because everyone else would rather have P.E. classes rather than actual lessons because they can run around and throw balls at each other and get dirty. Then we’d all go back to the classroom after that, right? The classroom is air-conditioned. That means everyone and everything inside will end up smelling awfully bad. Disgusting.

17. The household chore that makes you want to shoot your face off.

  • Laundry. I’ve never really washed a week’s worth of clothes yet but if I have a choice, I would never do it. I have standards when it comes to cleanliness, thanks to my OCD-ish sister, so even a good washing machine would not suffice.

18. A selection of video games that that you enjoy that perhaps you shouldn’t.

  • Sims. It’s stupid as f*** yet I enjoyed it a lot. I even came to the point where I would waste my four hours playing Sims online.

19. A celebrity crush that that maybe you even don’t understand.

You should have guessed... 😀

  • I seriously do not get this one. I don’t understand how? But anyway, I have a lot of crushes and I sometimes go to bed with all of them… Hee hee 😉

20. Free rant on whatever grinds your gears at the moment.

  • Stupidity. Oh god. I am very fortunate to live with a wonderful family but I am also not so fortunate for having to deal with a lot of their stupidity. As much as I want to elaborate, I can’t. They will eventually find this blog of mine and read my entries then kill me if I talk bad about them.

So okay, that’s all of it. I guess the point of this challenge is just to pour your heart out and speak about the things you don’t really talk about probably because your opinions are against the mainstream. And my friends, liking things that aren’t mainstream doesn’t make you a stupid hipster. It’s normal. Some people will like what you like, some will not. Deal with it. It’s called individualism.

And please, don’t ask about my NaNoWriMo. I have finally given up on it.
I have given up on NaNoWriMo itself, because I just don’t feel the fun if it at all. The excitement, yes, at first. But the fun? I don’t know. Call me weird but no, it made me feel that writing my novel was a chore and that I had to keep up with it every single night.
Writing may not be my thread just yet, but I am sure I am getting there.
I will finish my novel, with or without Nano. 😀

Leave a comment! I’d love to catch up with you guys once again 🙂