Hi guys!

I’d like to apologize about my previous post. It was full of crazy rants that y’all should not have been bothered about. I was supposed to delete it today but since I got a couple of responses from two genuine people, I decided not to.

Anyway, before I sign out, I want to let you know that I updated this site a little bit.

I changed (again) my theme. It’s WordPress’ latest free theme, released last November 1. I think it’s cute because it’s pink. If not only for the image at the bottom of the page, I’d be keeping it for a little longer than November.

Another is I deleted 7 old posts. Just to save myself from future humiliation since I saw in my Stats that some readers are actually reading a lot of my entries from the newest to the oldest. So from 95, I went down to 88. I hope weight loss could be this easy too. Pfffff.

Also, I don’t know why but my number of comments slimmed down as well. From 74, it’s now 63. But I was very sure that the entries that I have moved to trash had no comments, likes or pingbacks.

Meeh. Doesn’t matter.
So I guess that is it for today. If I could, I promise to write something sensible soon. But for now, I have to work on my novel-writing. Have a great day! 🙂


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