NaNoWriMo Questions & Answers

Hi! So here I am, online again, productive but not. I’ve been online for the past 4 hours or so, reading others’ blogs and posting comments, telling them what I think. 😀

I was supposed to use the desktop for today to force myself to work on my novel, but probably because of my habit of turning on  the laptop before taking a bath (I go online immediately after that), I used this laptop anyway and promised myself yet again to use the desktop the next day and work on my writing…for real. But I guess I will still have to open this again tomorrow before I go and use the desktop since my PocketPC can’t be read from there, only from this foldable machine. And I still need to get my files compiled in my e-folder in my e-mail so when I use the desktop, I just have to download them all and compile them again in my desktop’s hard drive. Redundant.

So, for some who might be wondering how’s my NaNo going, well… I’d really like to tell that it’s coming along fine, but I won’t because I am not really sure if it is. Since my PocketPC can’t hold up big sized files, I try to keep every document at 15kb the most, that’s why I must have multiple files saved in my Microsoft Office. That means I can only have estimations of my total word count, not unless I open every single file, check their word counts and add them all up. And even if I do so, I still won’t have the utmost total, since I also have files saved in my blog and at, one of the few programs that I use.
So back to the topic, my answer is: no. Generally speaking, my novel is not coming along as well I want it to be. This morning, I was trying my best to hit 1,667 words but because of the medicine I was taking, I felt so drowsy that I needed to take a nap. I was only 233 words behind so I thought what the heck, I can pull these things off by tonight. But as you can guess, I have not touched my story since I woke up after that power-nap, but I surely will, later on when I’m in bed.

My NaNoWrimo

So okay, what else do we have here?
Hmm… Oh. The largest problem yet NaNo has given me. Yes, I know, we’re still about to leave November’s first week but I am already losing interest. I feel like the hype’s all gone, the excitement’s all vanished. I don’t feel creative at all with every chapter I try to write. I still have not “interviewed” my cousin Mhia to get the vital information about how she does her work because I paralleled my hero’s job to hers, since I have only the slightest idea and that is definitely not going to suffice.

So Jess, it’s just the first week of NaNo and you’re already starting to lose interest. Are you planning to back out?
As much as possible, I am determined to finish this project with flying colors. I am still decided to continue fighting for my NaNoWriMo life. Being quite a competitive person, I believe I should win this thing. I know I have the talent and the right amount of imagination, so I know I can do it. It’s just a matter of getting my lazy muse to work… And most importantly, I don’t want to let my friends and family down. I know they don’t expect that much from me but they’re still expecting, right? Aside from their expectations, I also do have my own. If you’ve read my post last November 1 (Happy NaNoWriMo Writing!) you know that I added 500 more words to the NaNo goal which is 500, 000. I know 500 is not that much but for me it already is. That’s already like, one blog post already! So if I fail this challenge, I will be depressed a little, I think. Just like what Michael Jordan (or Wayne Gretzy, the original) said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. And I don’t want to regret failing NaNo…ever!

L A M E =____=

Don’t you think you’re already taking this way seriously?
I don’t think so. I believe I am taking it serious enough to be able to conquer it. To be honest, one person already told me I was taking NaNo “way too seriously” that’s why I stopped exchanging e-mails with her. Obviously, I took that comment personally. I mean, she was what they consider was a NaNoWriMo vet, and I am a newbie, so I’d be definitely telling her almost all of my concerns, since she offered me her help  in the first place. But I guess she felt overwhelmed by my, let’s say, ten questions. I’m sure I never asked her more than ten questions. So she was like, I think you’re taking this way too seriously. NaNoWriMo is all about the fun of writing, no fuss. You can bother about editing, etc. after November. Well it was her opinion, I respect that. And I also understand what she was trying to say. But I guess she was not able to see (or maybe she has forgotten) that different people view the same things in different ways. So if this novel-writing project is just a little past-time for her, then for some people this could be some sort of contest wherein they could prove themselves for once and for all. Right?

It’s already past your bedtime. Does this mean you blogged her tonight just because you want to talk about her? Like, rant or something?
No. Definitely no. It’s like my disease. If I let my emotions take control, my blogs usually go out of context. I just write whatever I feel about certain things (or people) and when I’m done, I realize that I just bored my ever loyal subscribers with another long rant about my boring life.

Is it really a habit of yours to talk to yourself? Is this Q & A setting a little way to tell people that you like talking to yourself?


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Questions & Answers

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in talking to myself! lol Now, get on your desktop, or laptop, somewhere comfortable, and start writing. That’s all it takes, You can do this. Glad to spend my break with you, now I’d better get busy, I only have 650+ words written so far. (busy day) But hubby will be heading home, and I need to get more words down before he gets here and starts talking. I don’t want to be up at three in the morning tonight! lol My daily goal is 2000 words, because I want to be able to travel to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving, a granddaughter’s birthday, and I don’t wish to write those days. (and in case anything unforeseen pops up). Let’s DO it!

    • Hahaha, thanks Patti 😀 I hope we’re not crazy yet 😉
      Well I wish you the best of luck! I hope you reach your word count before your hubby comes home so you don’t have to stay up late tonight.
      I am also trying my best to write as many words as I can everyday, more than the expected 1667 words everyday. I’m also about to attend a family occasion on the third week of November, which means I won’t be a able to write for a couple of days since it’s a wedding and I’m one of the secondary sponsors. And of course it’s better to write extra words daily, at least we’re ready for “anything unforeseen that might pop up soon” haha 😀
      Let’s get the Word War on!! 😀 \m/

  2. Although there are some NaNoWriters who accomplish their daily goals, going by the blog posts, this year fiction writing seems to be slow for many…

    PS: Thank you for the ping-back 🙂

    • Thank you Maria! 🙂

      I have also encountered Wrimo participants who are really behind on their word count…just like me.
      But I hope we can all finish this before November 30 hits!

      Good luck on your novel 🙂
      Jess x

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