Two Thousand

Hey guys! How’s everything going?

Things over here are coming along well, except my novel-writing. Today marks the end of NaNoWrimo‘s first week, and every participant must have written at least 11, 669 words already. I’m 2, 568 words behind and it sucks. I was not able to write a lot yesterday and today because of two things:

First, it was my sister’s 28th birthday yesterday and we went to the cemetery to visit our dad’s, uncle’s and grandfathers’ graves since we were not able to do so last All Souls Day. Then after that we cooked several dishes since she was expecting some visitors to come. And by we, I meant them. 😀 We all stayed up pretty late and I woke up struggling with both diarrhea and dysmenorrhea. Oh what fun it is being a girl. That’s my second excuse, by the way. Right now, anyway, I am already feeling alright. I just hate how menstruation can make me look like I murdered someone in the restroom.

So yeah, now my friend and I are trying to check each other’s stories, sharing ideas and all. She’s not joining NaNo though; she’s too busy for that. Anyway, the story that she wrote was a fan fiction and it was beautiful. It just needs a little more polishing but it was compelling. And I mean it. She’s going to enter her piece in a certain competition and I hope that she wins. She’s a great writer with a cool personality and I believe she deserves the recognition! Her name is Samanca. You can find her here or here or here. 🙂

Back to my Nano, I am still determined to finish my story so I will finish it. YAY! 😀 I will work on it, and work on it some more! (K. I’m starting to get nonsense. I mean what I said, anyhow. Good bye friends!)


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