Supernatural is…

I have not checked out my blog for days, trying to catch up with my word count + hanging out with my friend online + dealing with my “problems.”

I have no intentions of boring you with anything.

Just wanted to share my latest wallpaper.

Why hello there Mr Jensen Ackles

Anyone there a Supernatural fan?



I have not really a lot to tell and share but I got my OTP! 😀

Um, do I even have to elaborate?

See you all in the flipside! 😀

*starts pinging back everything related to SPN*


2 thoughts on “Supernatural is…

  1. Hey there! Well it is some sort of a “reward” for myself since I’ve been trying my best to squeeze a lot of ideas from my head for the novel. But sadly, I am still so behind my word count! 😦 How about your work? How is it going? It’s great to talk to you again! 🙂

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