Supernatural – Destiel – Fanfic

Um, not interested? Feel free to ignore this one.

Interested? Click on these links my friend Sam aka December Dawn gave me.
I told her once that I was so tempted to read Destiel fanfics so she was like “go on and read some!!!” At first what I requested for were stories without anything x-rated but she was like “finding a fan fiction without anything x-rated is like looking for the damned holy grail!” So there. I had no choice but to go on with it. 😀

Anyway I’m almost through reading it. And it is goooooood.

Here they are:

That’s just one story, by the way. Part 1 to 3 respectively. 🙂

So if you are a bit interested yet you are unsure what the story is about, it basically revolves around two of the CW primetime show Supernatural‘s main stay characters, Dean Winchester and Castiel. The story tells us about the mirror that’s made of…well, something supernatural, that is able to transport a human being from one world to another, and that’s what happened to Dean when he touched its frame. And as he traveled the universe (?) he realized there was something it’s trying to tell him. And there goes the meaning of slash (meaning can be found here).

Okay, I know I have a handful of conservative subscribers but… the story was just very well written. And Destiel makes me want to be in love. :”>


2 thoughts on “Supernatural – Destiel – Fanfic

  1. Cool I skimmed some of the first part! I don’t watch too many tv shows though I have heard of Supernatural a little before. Also, how’s your 50,500 novel coming? 🙂 I read your other post on your other site but couldn’t figure out how to comment on it. Sounds like it will be tough but a great experience if you can persevere to the end! You should share some of it on your blog when you’re ready!

    • Well sadly, they don’t air Supernatural here in the Philippines anymore.
      You must have read it somewhere in my blog already that I already gave up on the program itself, although I am still adding some paragraphs to my story every now and then. I have written past 20, 000 words already and I have not even reached half of my outlined plot, but I am sure I will get there. 🙂
      Well yeah I guess I can post some parts of it soon! 🙂

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