Poem: She Marched On

Morning rays poured in,
Her eyes opened with a smile.
The Creator blessed her again;
Gift of Life, she’ll treasure ’til end.

Joy amidst  the pain
Sustains whatever remains.
She’s not alone, she knows;
With Him, there could be no Ghost.

As she rose, she looked back;
Reminded of what she turned back against;
She walked forward and looked up;
Praises for Him! She’s far from end!

Then she carried on; thankful,
Almost fearless she is; Hopeful,
Of continuity and growth;
She marched on, gleeful.

Worries are finally behind;
Trials, now she won’t mind.
To march with Him is Brave;
It is she who is Saved.


Disclaimer: Image is not mine. If yours, kindly message me so I could put you on the credits. Thank you.


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