Merry Christmas, bloggers! ♥


Merry Christmas everyone.
I hope you all will have a safe and happy one. Celebrate the holidays the happiest way possible!

Let’s appreciate the season given to us to spend with our loved ones.
Thank our Creator for all the blessings He has given us.


Happy Birthday, Jesus.
Thanks for always being there.
Thanks for the GIFT of family and friends.
Thanks for every little thing.
Thanks for accepting me for who I am.
Thanks for showing the feeling of being loved.
Thanks for showing me how wonderful life is, regardless.
Thanks for all the love, care and blessings.
I don’t ask for a material gift. All I ask is a GIFT OF HAPPINESS.
Not just for me, but everyone in the world.  ♥


The waters in the northern part of Mindanao, Philippines‘ largest island, may have gone away, but the citizens of that area haven’t recovered yet from the trauma and the sorrow the wrath of the tropical storm Sendong (international name Washi) brought them. Many Filipinos are most likely not going to be able to spend Christmas. They lost so many loved ones and see no more hope. BUT WE CAN STILL DO SOMETHING. Let’s all PRAY for their safety & recovery. More ways of helping are indicated here.

Thank you. ♥


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, bloggers! ♥

  1. Love your mention of the GIFT of happiness! I think we’ve been told for so long now that wanting happiness is selfish and wrong that we’ve stopped praying for it. This should not be! One of God’s many gifts to us is His sharing of His own happiness and joy. We should be storing up this heavenly treasure!

    God bless.

    • Exactly! ♥
      Wanting happiness isn’t selfish at all as long as we’re all willing to share it to all the people around us.
      After all, God wants us to be HAPPY. 🙂


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