Volunteerism [ 01 ]

There is no better exercise for your heart,
Than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.

~ Bernard Meltzer


As some of you might know, I have been added to the ever-growing population of the Out Of School Youth Society for almost two semesters now because of the migration processing we underwent. So because of that, I have become an awful, fat bum. I almost have nothing worthwhile to do, so thank God for literature!

A couple of days ago, my sister mentioned to me that she and her friends are planning of going to three different non-profit organizations that cater people of all ages  and offer their time and efforts to help. I don’t know exactly why they decided to it, but I know my sister was as moved as I was during the hype of the calamity in the southern part of the Philippines and she felt bad that she wasn’t able to help. I guess this is some sort of giving back although the people they’re planning to help weren’t the ones who were affected by the raging storm more than two weeks ago.

And then yesterday, all plans were finalized and my sissy and her husband asked me to make their résumés  for them and I did. While I was making them, I thought to myself, I am not doing anything worthwhile here at home and I sleep most hours of the day, so why not join them? Luckily, my sissy said I could so I edited my résumé right away! 😀

By the way, they decided to just go to one institution that cares for the welfare, and serves as the home of orphans, unwanted and abandoned children, as well as the elderly, instead of going to three different ones that caters for almost for the same thing, except that they’re focused on just one group of people, or just one age bracket.

The institution that they have picked is Hospicio de San Jose and it’s located along Ayala Bridge, Quiapo, Manila.


I’ve been in this place before because, back in college, I was a part of the organization called Don Angel C. Palanca Peace Program and visiting this place was one of the few things I was able to do with them. It didn’t last for than one afternoon but it was really, really fun. We went there to have an outreach program and brought with us loot bags filled with a lot of goodies, and some food too for the children.

Hospicio de San Jose provides an outreach program and a Christian, social and work oriented formation program. It is committed in assisting the abandoned people to experience quality life with the aim of making them “agents of social transformation“.

Tomorrow will be the start of my volunteerism and expect me to share my journey to you. ♥


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