3 of 30


After a  fun-filled day for me and my family, we went to Greenhills Shopping Center (one of our favorite malls) to hang out, eat and have some milk tea (from Happy Lemon, of course).

The tickets in the photo above were the ones my sister and I paid for so we could use their washroom.

One ticket is worth 10 pesos, which is roughly a quarter of a dollar, and is good for only a single use.

For me, pay lounges are quite annoying. Especially if you really, really need to go but you can’t use the restroom right away because you still have to get some coins from your wallet that happened to be inside your bag? It just sucks. 😐 Also, in some places, you’d feel like your money isn’t really going somewhere aside from the management’s short but stout pocket. Why? Because the tissue paper, the hand soap,the  rubbing alcohol and the jet dryer are either missing or messed up! Then some cubicles are so dirty, you’d think their maintenance personnel got abducted by aliens and then killed, and that the only reason why you’re going to use them is because you have no choice.

But whenever we are in this favorite mall of ours, I don’t mind paying for those tickets. At all.

Maybe it’s because of the clean ambiance inside; the artistic design of every washrooms, how they maximize their space without disregarding the potential use of it; the complete set of stuff us girls need inside; the funny ads behind every door; and just the cleanliness of everything!

Okay. So I know it’s insane to actually rave about restrooms but I just obsess over cleanliness. I really, really do.


4 thoughts on “3 of 30

  1. hi Jess! How are you? After a long time I’m back and now living in Cambodia! I always love reading your posts so am glad to finally be able to catch up – you always make me laugh with your public toilet stories 🙂

    • Hi Yasmine 😀 I am doing pretty well. How about you? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from each other.
      And yes, you’re now living in Cambodia! I’m happy for you. 🙂

      And thank you, Yas. I missed reading your posts too! So it’s really a good thing you’re now back to the circulation 🙂

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