24 of 30

It’s crazy. 6 days to go before the flight.*loooooong siiiiiigh*

So minutes ago, my plan was to write about something else here. But then my friend Allen and I started chatting and we talked about my nearing departure. He’s actually a Filipino-American from New Jersey who’s studying here, so he basically know the ropes. He gave me a little pep talk and I printscreen-ed some of them. Some words/phrases/sentences are in Filipino though.

And the dude wanna go to California.

He said his other friend will go back home to the USA. Us leaving “hurts” him. So I told him I can bring him to Cali (he must fit himself in my suitcase first) but he has to go to New Jersey on his own. He was like “If we’re really going to do that, I’m not going back home to Jersey and I’ll stay forever in Cali!”

Whatever. He’s a freak and I love freaks that’s why we’re friends.


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