26 of 30

Monday comes like a loaded gun and I’m trying to escape… ♪♫

-Michelle Branch, Getaway

Me and my family went out of the city last Monday to accomplish 3 things: (1) visit our dad’s grave, (2) check out our other house in the province, and (3) visit Tagaytay City and pray. ♥ And Tagaytay was the perfect breather!

All of these photos were taken with a Nikon digital camera. The person who took them doesn’t feel like a photographer. She just wanted to take pictures. Damn it.

I never enjoyed Tagaytay City as much as I did before; I was at my happiest! I guess the happiness that you feel is a million times greater whenever you’re with the people you love the most. For the first time, I didn’t care about how I looked in the pictures (because I always do), about how loud we were, about how crazy and weird we all were… All I knew was I was with the greatest people I could ever have in my life…the people I don’t, and will never, regret having: my family. I would like to believe that God let us spend that day without any hassle so we could enjoy our last trip together at that place to the maximum. Thank you Father! It definitely meant so much to us. ♥

Anyway, today we went to an eat-all-you-can restaurant called Yakimix at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City and we pigged out. Literally. They serve Japanese, Cantonese and Korean food and almost everything tasted amazing! The smokeless griller gave that sexy char taste and I loved it! No pictures though.I was too busy eating, sorry! 😀

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to see my brother play his music for the last time (at least for me) at an event at Sofitel. If I think I look pretty enough for my blog, I shall post pictures of me. Til then, good night and good morning. 🙂


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