Late Nights & Early Mornings. #3

Hi all!

This is the part where I tell you all kinds of excuses of why I have not been active the past weeks. Also, this is also the part where I promise you that I will never bail out on you guys again, that I will never let anything become a hindrance between our blogger-reader relationship, that I will become more committed to this blog. After all, I call myself a blogger. Writing should be my thread. Right?

However, I am not going to do that as I find no real reason for my absence, aside from procrastination and not knowing what to actually write about. Of course, that is inexcusable. So there is no way I am going to be all mushy and such on here.

Anyway, today is the 17th of April, exactly 2:04am. And yes, you’re correct. This post is yet another installment to my growing list of blog posts that are not brightly titled, as I am too dumb (and/or lazy) to think of appropriate titles. What pushed me to write today, actually, is the book that I have finished reading last week. It’s called Sarah’s Key and it was written by Tatiana de Rosnay, published last 2007.

The book was perfectly decent, if I may be bold. It was not the absolute thrilling type, but at the same time, it was not boring to read. The story contained just enough excitement for the reader to keep on reading, not unless it’s the genre the reader was really looking for. The story, as it was built up around historical facts, was also educational. I was never the one who really read every single chapter of my history book back in high school, so knowing all these facts about the Holocaust in Paris really moved me, as well as inspired me to write on here. What’s cooler about it was how history was incorporated into a handful of smart and twisting creativity. Indeed, a job well done!

An hour ago, I have seen the film adaptation of this novel and, I must say, my expectations were not really met. I want to think that it’s only because I expected too much from it, but then I think not. As I read some reviews of the film on Rotten Tomatoes (Sarah’s Key’s page), I figured that it was not just me who had noticed plot problems in the film. Since I have read the book before I watched the film, I knew beforehand what was going to happen. What took me aback was the fact that they actually took out and/or edited a lot of parts of the novel that I believe were very vital parts of the story. They may not entirely be considered as the “back bone” of the story, and this editing of the story line has been a very active part of the film-making industry, I still firmly believe that with their strategy, they took away the vividness and the strength of the film.

With all that said, I give to you the final judgment of RT on the film.

That bar (or Tomatometer) actually made me believe that 73% was a good rating. Until I saw the movie…and the note under the 73%. 6.4 out of 10. Not a bad movie, because it went beyond 5; which I think was because of Kristin Scott Thomas and Mélusine Mayance’s very good acting.

So, are you interested to see the movie? My blog post’s intention was NOT to discourage you to ever see the film. It was just my opinion. Anyway, if you here, here goes the link of the movie’s free online streaming. I hope you find it more interesting than I did. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Late Nights & Early Mornings. #3

  1. Thanks for the update, and sharing your book/movie experience. I don’t like to pay movie prices and leave with the feeling the money was wasted. Glad to see you posting! Are you getting settled into your new home?

    • Hi! Well yes, having to watch a movie and ending up feeling frustrated because you weren’t satisfied is never a good feeling. That is why if I am not certain with how the movie’s gonna end up, I just wait for it to be uploaded online. Hee hee. Not unless if a good friend’s paying for the tickets. Free stuff are always good. 😀 Anyway, yes we’re already settling in well. Thank you 🙂

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