On Placement Tests

Today, I technically passed and failed my placement test.

So how was I able to get both results in just one test? Well if you are not familiar with it, let me take you on a little detour: In the United States, you have to take a Placement Test in order to enroll in the high school/college that you prefer. You will encounter only the subjects Mathematics and English to 1) determine your language and math skills, and 2) for the school to know which kind of Math and English classes to place you. The results of the exam don’t specifically say if you “passed” or if you “failed”. The proctor of the exam will hand you a piece of paper that says the grade that you got from each test, and then at the bottom you will see which English and Math classes you’re supposed to take.

…or at least that’s how it went for me.

I am planning to take Medical Assisting at the College of Marin here in Novato, California, and in order for me to enroll in the said college, I have to take their placement test. So I did. Twice.

Okay, not entirely two times but it still went that way…kind of. Well the first one was a bummer and a waste of time because after the first 40 minutes of the test, all the computers started to crash down. At first, the proctor just went back to the website where the test was at, and entered his password. But like I said, all computers were crashing down so he had to do that to every person’s computer in that room. We were just 8 that day, but it still took at least a minute for him to access the website. After he does that to every computer, we were able to go back to the same phase we were at before the computer crashed down, then after answering two questions, the same problem happened again. That little charade the computer system had going on continued for some 15 minutes until the older guys who were taking the test got pissed. The proctor finally came out with the idea that we should all just call the office the following Monday (this happened last Friday, by the way) and set another appointment to continue the exam.

That’s obviously not a pretty experience.

So from last Friday up to this week’s Thursday, I honestly did not review some more except on the way to the college. My exam’s part two took some 2 hours and 30 minutes. Reading comprehension, sentence structure, college level Math, elementary algebra, arithmetic, and essay writing. Yes. It was that difficult.

So the results of the exam was a mixture of awesomeness and retardation. Well my English tests had excellent scores, while my Math tests’ scores just went straight down the toilet. However, I am not shy to share them to you. So here goes a snapshot of it, straight from Instagram:

My Course Placement said I can enroll in English 150, as I’ve understood, it is the “college level” English, and it’s a transferable course to US/CSU. However, I cannot take the Math 130, their “college level” Math. I can take Math 95 though. 😦



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