I survived the apocalypse…err, 2012.

Hello Wordsmiths! Happy New Year! 🙂

2012, as predicted by the Mayans, was the year that the world would be destroyed, but we all lived through it, and this blog post is proof. Yay!!!

Tell me in the comment box below how your 2012 Holidays were! I’d love to hear your stories! 🙂

For some, the past year has been hell and for others it’s been heaven. I was able to have the privilege of experiencing both. However, I’m not sure if it was a good or a bad experience.

See, I got to do things I didn’t think I’d be able to, and at the same time, I lost the ability to do some of the things that I always did. I was able to come to America, explore foreign things, get a job, and meet new people. But that also means I wouldn’t wake up in my home anymore, with my sister and the rest of my big family around me, and my friends who lived just some kilometers away from me.

But I guess that’s life, you know.

You win some, and then you lose some.

The difference is, I won’t let anything make this situation last forever. I’ll work hard so I could go back to Manila; or better yet, take them here to California. I’m not saying that by the end of this year everything that I desire will be granted, although I’d take it if given the chance; what I’m saying is I’m going to persevere to make it through this year successfully by completing my goals one by one.

How about you? How was your 2012?

We lost some and we gained some.
That’s how life is going to be for eternity. We’ll be happy one moment, then knocked out on the floor next. It really is just up to us if we will stay in the  bottom or if we will get back on our feet again and fight back. I say never let your demons stop you. Remember that you have your angels and they will forever guide you.

New year means new beginnings. I know things could get rough sometimes but that doesn’t mean there is no hope. Just have faith and pray, and things will be better. 🙂


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