Project 2013

This page was once called “My Bucket List”, now let me edit it and make it more feasible.

What is the purpose of this project? I just want to shake up my life a little bit. I want to get lost with my camera, my pen and my notebook. I want to live for the day and forget about my worries for a little while. Maybe meet new people, if I don’t get too shy, and make new friends. I just want to be free of my demons, even just for a little while.

So with the inspiration, faith, and hope this new year brings us, let me soar.

Never in a particular order:

  • have a tattoo that symbolizes something very meaningful.
  • go back to college


  • visit San Rafael, this time as a tourist — on foot.

Downtown San Rafael, CA


  • visit San Francisco, this time as a tourist — on foot.


  • go on a roadtrip with friends


  • go to Six Flags (or maybe even Great America)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  • ride the train & go somewhere


  • read one book a month


  • get fit

get fit

  • try a new cuisine

Indian Meal

  • learn something new & try not to fail

oct 7 small

  • save up for something big, like the future


  • be happy and…

1 and

 Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of these photos, as well as those you see
in most of my blog posts, unless otherwise stated.


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